Polished concrete floor evaluations, maintenance solutions, troubleshooting.

There is a beginning, middle, and end to polished concrete flooring.  All pieces have to be in place to produce the proper concrete floor.  This guide (website) is intended to provide knowledge of the various ‘parts’ to a concrete floor…

Beginning…Providing detailed specifications, mix design, and finishing techniques all play a roll in the final outcome of a polished concrete floor.  Also FF (floor flatness), curing, jointing and dealing with various weather and job site conditions can create a chain effect on the final outcome of a floor if not properly addressed.


Middle…Honing and polishing concrete floors with diamond tooling to achieve the desired effect, gloss and durability expectations of the concrete floor, how to deal with minor repairs, and measurable factors such as gloss, distinctness of image, and slip fall analysis are the middle portion to polished concrete flooring


End…Walking away from all of the work put into polished concrete with out a maintenance program in place is senseless.  Setting up a cleaning program with training of proper pads, soaps, and training is crucial.  Polished concrete is more like stone…and nothing like floors that involve re waxing.  Janitorial staff have to understand ‘refinement’.